Choose a Session

Face to Face Session

Face to Face sessions will be held in my confidential Garden Room located in my private garden. The room is warm, inviting and a lovely safe space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Online Session

Online sessions will be held via Zoom and are a great way for clients seeking counselling but are unable to access face-to-face sessions due to work commitments, childcare or any other barriers.

Telephone Session

Telephone sessions can be a convenient way to access counselling if you are unable to access face to face or online and can be just as effective. Telephone sessions also allow greater flexibility.

  • Confidentiality:┬áPrivate counselling is confidential, which means that anything you discuss with your counsellor will not be shared with anyone else (exceptions apply as per our working agreement). This can be important for people who are struggling with sensitive issues or who do not want their friends, family, or employer to know about their counselling.
  • Flexibility: Private counsellors are usually more flexible than NHS counsellors in terms of scheduling appointments and offering services. This can be helpful for people who have busy schedules or who need counselling at unusual times.
  • Personalised attention:┬áPrivate counsellors have more time to give to each client than NHS counsellors, which means that you can expect to receive more personalised attention. This can be helpful for people who need a lot of support or who want to work on specific issues in depth.

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